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Founder & Principal, McLeod Legal Solutions

Jody McLeod is a licensed attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience in both the private and public sectors. She started her career as a state prosecuting attorney where she had an extensive and successful trial experience. Her years of knowledge were applied in the corporate world where she managed litigation for major corporations including a national retailer and a global staffing company, as well as in a county government setting.


Jody is known as a trusted and expert legal advisor to senior management. Analytical, pragmatic, and decisive, Jody also believes in learning from clients and collaborating with them to achieve the best outcomes. Her business savvy is a tremendous asset for clients of all sizes. She understands that legal matters don’t occur in a vacuum; they intersect with company objectives, risk appetite, business strategies, budgetary concerns, and the client’s vision for the future. By applying her corporate expertise, she creates clear, cost-effective, workable solutions to address complex legal concerns for her clients.

Jody’s specialties include general employment law advice and counsel; third-party internal investigations; NLRA/NLRB matters; wage and hour compliance (advice and counsel as well as mitigation efforts); risk management; litigation; and litigation management specializing in employment discrimination and wage and hour class actions.

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Jody McLeod holds an ‘of counsel’ relationship with the firm Potter, DeAgostino, O’Dea & Clark (PDOC) in Auburn Hills, Michigan. This relationship gives MLS clients the advantage of working directly with Jody while delivering full access to a larger law firm's tools, services, and facilities.

PDOC attorneys bring more than 100 years of combined trial experience to every case and have extensive experience in all State and Federal trial and appellate courts. Nearly 90% of the firm's time is devoted exclusively to litigation, where they have earned a reputation as formidable and highly effective advocates. 

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