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The breadth and depth of government regulations can have a crippling effect on your business, especially regulations targeting your employees such as determining immigration status, conducting background screens, or policies that may have an unintentional discriminatory impact.  It's even more challenging to understand and comply with employment law if you don’t have a dedicated HR staff to walk you through the regulation maze. 


You need an employment law expert who can help you work through the issues; an expert that is knowledgeable, current with legal developments, and has experience working as a true business partner.  MLS founder Jody McLeod is that legal expert. With more than 30 years of business partnership inside the corporate world and experience working with every level of HR and business leader (including the C-suite), Jody will provide sound advice and counsel while proposing practical business solutions that help you make the appropriate decisions for your company.


With the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements and the world focused on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, employers must be aware of and responsive to all employee complaints, issues, or any charges being made about the environment in which they work. Failure to act can have a negative impact on your company’s work environment, as well as potentially expose you to significant legal costs and damage to your company's brand. 


MLS founder Jody McLeod has conducted numerous internal investigations at all levels throughout her career and can conduct a complete, legally compliant, and objective investigation on all topics of harassment, discrimination, misconduct, employee complaints, and ethics violations.



Wage & hour issues are ripe for governmental scrutiny and expensive collective/class action lawsuits against your company. It can be extremely difficult to comply with all of the federal and state laws surrounding employee I-9 requirements, timekeeping, classification, and what constitutes "compensable time."  Failure to comply, even if it’s unintentional, can negatively impact your brand and severely impact your bottom line: a single employee’s complaint can result in a major ‘bet-the-company’ class action lawsuit.  

MLS brings expertise in both federal and state wage & hour laws, and in managing the defense of wage & hour class action litigation. We will succinctly identify, assess and mitigate risk associated with potential non-compliance, and recommend practical and effective solutions for your business. 


Actively managing your litigation portfolio is key to reducing litigation costs and improving your odds of a favorable outcome. Ask yourself: Do you have retention agreements with litigation counsel?  Do you monitor their bills to ensure you are not being overcharged for legal fees?  Do you want to keep your employees working and not spend countless hours in a courtroom or attorney’s office?

With more than 30 years of experience in both trial work and litigation portfolio management, MLS can implement cost savings without risking the litigation. We start with a cost-effective mindset, directing your limited assets to where they will have the biggest impact, all while acting within your company’s management philosophy and protecting its brand. Let us put our experience in corporate Fortune 500 environments, large-volume portfolios, and class action litigation to work for you.


A well-informed management team is often your first line of defense. We can customize training sessions and presentations in a multitude of areas including employment law, wage & hour compliance, employee onboarding, cost-effective ways to manage litigation portfolios, use of contingent labor, or how to produce an effective working relationship between in-house and outside counsel. 

Our presentations are interactive, informative, and have a practical business element--making them worthwhile, educational, and enjoyable for your audience.


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