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  • Jody McLeod

Changes for the Workplace with the Changes in the Way We Work....

Is your workplace and policies up-to-date since we have all had to change the way we work??

With many employers going to a totally remote work environment for their employees while others have adopted a hybrid model and some have remained traditional, all employers should review and appropriately revise their policies and practices. All things look very different now and so should your processes.

How do you answer the following questions:

  • Does your business have a clear remote work policy that explains your expectations?

  • Is your payroll system processes tight in order to avoid errors and is sufficient to supply you necessary documentation?

  • Is your remote policy and employee handbook clear around non-exempt employee's timekeeping practices including that all overtime must be pre-approved?

  • Do you know the location (state and locality) of where your remote workers perform their duties?

  • Did you know that the location of where your employee performs his job controls how he is to be treated and the employer must be compliant with that locations wage and hour laws?

  • How are you contending with OSHA and ADA accommodations related to home ergonomic equipment issues?

  • Have you sufficiently trained your people managers on how to effectively manage remote workers?

  • Is the traditional 9-5 work schedule still relevant in your new environment and should it be adjusted for some or all remote workers?

  • How is your Company's data security and privacy safeguards and have you restricted all contested software and other unauthorized technology?

Review and adjust as needed. Your awareness reducing your potential risk.

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